^ One pager directions

1718 APHG Stamp/homework folder:
For full credit, items must be stamped, numbered and in number order (1-10) Items completed but with no stamp will be given partial credit. Teacher reserves the right to change the list items as needed!
1. I will provide you with a folder for each unit.
2.Folder Cover: YOUR NAME, CLASS PERIOD, UNIT NAME, GRAPHICS THAT REFLECT THE UNIT. (Instructions given in class.)
3.For full credit: Stamp is visible on the front of the page and the full assignment is attached (10 pts per assignment)
4.If you did not get a stamp but the assignment is complete (ex: left assignment at home on day it was stamped) you can include the assignment for partial credit (5 points)
5. Complete the unit map and affix it to the inside cover of your stamp folder. This map is a part of your stamp folder grade. (10 points max.) [Not for unit 1A]
6.Complete the review activity on the back of your stamp folder. This activity is a part of your stamp folder grade. (10 points max.) [Not for unit 1A]
7.If you are absent: get the assignment stamped the day you return; anything later will not get a stamp but can be used with rule #3.
8. Students are not eligible for test corrections if they do not turn in a stamp folder on the due date (usually the unit exam day).

UNIT 1/N&P HOMEWORK FOLDER - Must have 'one pager' graphics, etc for full credit.
1. Map types/projections
2. Cookie map
3. Clothing/Shoes/Tech chart
4. Diffusion map/data sheet
5. Unit 1 vocabulary
6.Climate map
7.Reading guide stamp

1.1 Development/HEI Homework Folder
)Goode's Atlas climate analysis activity
)HDI ruler spectrum
)Unit 1.1/development vocabulary
)GGS video
)Unit 1.1 reading guide ch 9
)Have/Have not questions
)Fair Trade
)Material World

1.Malthus v Boserup Venn diagram
2.Population pyramid analysis (long paper)
3.A generation of Women/India case study with map
4.World In Balance video guide
5.Ageing in Europe map & questions
6.Population vocab
7. migration vocabulary
8.Chapter 2 Population reading guide notes
9.Chapter 3 Migration reading guide notes
10.Odd One Out vocab activity (both sides!)

CULTURE HOMEWORK FOLDER - If you are exempting you can turn this in by 12/13, if not then turn it in on your final exam day.
1.Culture/Language vocabulary -
2.Culture/language reading guide -
3.Religion/Ethnicity vocab -
4.Religion reading guide –
5.Folk V Pop culture venn diagram notes
6.Ethnic Fragmentation in Quebec video -
7.Religions diffusion map/chart
8. One land/Two cultures map of Israel/Palestine + the reading
9.Balkans change over time maps/notes
10.Once Brothers video
11. Language stations

1.Political vocab
2.Political reading guide
3.Ethnicity reading guide Political video
5.Morphology of the State activity
6. Character of state territory/India-Pakistan map
7.Supranationalism/Devolution rdg
8.Letting Africans draw their own map/questions
9.16th Man video
10. Political unit case studies map


1.Agri unit vocabulary
2.Agri unit reading guide
3.Von ThunenAgri model graphic
4.Transformation of American Agrirdg/map
5.America Revealed video
6.Rural land use/Aral v Saltan Sea case study
7.Von Thunen model
8.Industry Vocabulary
9.Industry Reading guide
10.Gapminder activity
11.Nafta online activity
12.Industrial mapping activity

[Note: no items were stamped during the unit. Credit is all or none this time.]
1.Urban/services vocab
2. Urban /Services reading guides
3. World Cities Hierarchy map
4.Urban models
5.Urban sprawl notes/FRQ
6. Legos cities map chart/questions
7. Central Place Theory chart w/map of Houston
8.. Transportation reading