IMG_6155.JPG^ This image is a little out of date. Your password is your school password now (As of 9/2017)
Get the Google Classroom App OR go to WWW.CLASSROOM.GOOGLE.COM
CFISD student/Google Classroom emailFirst initial of your FIRST name (This must be CAPITALIZED) + First 3 letters of your LAST name (I have been told the first letter must be CAPITALIZED but that is not in the district directions.) + a 0 (zero) & the last 3 digits of your STUDENT ID # +
Password is: your school password

APHG Google Classroom codes:
1st = twllpa

7th = v74kfq

World History Classroom codes:
2- ojs73ld
4 - 54lunhe
5 - zp0z2cl
6 - jj32sv